The right technology, such as a digital marketing dashboard that shows you a cohesive view of your analytics, can help you streamline marketing operations. Using the right tools can mean fewer errors and delays, resulting in a better return for your business. Want to know more? Read on.

Does it ever feel like your marketing agency or department is spinning its wheels with tactics? Chances are, there might be blockages or inefficiencies in your marketing operations.

You may need to fix your marketing operations if your team often feels burdened with:

  • Fast-approaching deadlines
  • Competing priorities
  • Information overload
  • Time-consuming reporting

Fortunately, streamlined operations not only free up valuable time, but using the right tools can mean fewer errors and delays, resulting in a better return for your business. Want to know more? Read on.

Spend Less Time Crunching Numbers

With everything on your plate, you don’t have time to spend manually entering data from multiple sources into spreadsheets. This is a repetitive process that can occur on a monthly, weekly, or even daily basis.

For example, it can be a pain to calculate your total social media following and engagements across Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Instagram every week.

The data is necessary for your team to do their job. But if you feel pressured by fast-approaching deadlines, you may make errors in your calculations or data entry.

What you need is a dashboard that draws from multiple sources and aggregates metrics for you.

When you spend less time crunching numbers, you’ll have the data you need for informed decision-making without having to sacrifice on more valuable work.

See What Needs To Be Done First

Marketers have to deal with competing priorities as a fact of life. Technology tools can help you balance priorities by showing you where to focus your attention.

Third-party dashboards like Optix can help marketing departments see where prospects are dropping out of the user journey.

The right dashboard will present metrics for every touch point so your team can identify where on your website to focus attention. For example, a case study may not be powerful enough, prompting users to leave the page. This would let you know that the case study needs to be optimized as a first priority.

You may even want white-label reporting to easily and automatically create dashboards for clients.

Agencies can provide client reporting dashboards to put marketing decisions in context and work together with clients on what to prioritize.

Armed with information, you can work on what needs attention to keep prospects moving toward conversion or a purchasing decision.

By focusing on only the most important tactics first, your team can balance competing priorities and streamline operations.

Identify Solutions And Work Backwards

We’ve all been there. You’re up to your eyeballs in data and don’t know where to start looking for the answer you need.

A marketing dashboard organizes information for you in an intuitive format so you can clearly identify where a problem is – and what solutions have worked in the past. The right dashboard tool will have templates to suit a variety of needs as well as the option to customize dashboards for more targeted requirements.

Templates can focus on:

  • Ecommerce with a Stripe integration and success URLs
  • Channel performance including social media, PPC, organic traffic, and email
  • Budget optimization with metrics on spend and conversion
  • Leads with CRM and Formstack integrations

If you want to stop the cycle of completing work without proper returns, a dashboard view of all of your marketing data can show you what tactics are successful so that you can apply them again and again where they’ll be most effective.

Optix is the best choice in digital marketing dashboards for agencies and marketing departments focused on streamlining operations. It is a revolutionary tool that gathers all of your marketing reporting data in one place. Optix allows you to track the user journey, aggregate data, target KPIs, customize reports, and see ROI accurately. To learn more, visit

Check our blog page later to see how we compare Optix against other tools like Google SMB dashboards and Data Studio.