Now You Can Align Your Email Marketing Metrics From Constant Contact With Data Throughout The User Journey

Optix now connects with Constant Contact to bring together your email data and web/social activity, showing you exactly what actions were performed before and after people viewed your email campaigns.

The integration of Optix and Constant Contact will save you time in analyzing your metrics and give you bandwidth for optimizing your campaigns. Make performance tracking a whole lot easier by aligning your email marketing metrics with data from other platforms.

Do You Have A Lot Of Data To Compile? With Optix’s Connection To Constant Contact, You Can:

See open rate metrics in conjunction with next steps in the user journey, such as click-through rates

Compare click-through rate metrics with website performance to see how users progress toward conversion

Analyze bounce rate metrics within the context of data from other platforms

Compare email marketing campaigns alongside website and social media activity

Align data throughout the user journey

With Optix and Constant Contact, you can optimize your email marketing efforts based on actionable user journey data.

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To learn more about how Optix + Constant Contact can help you save time analyzing data from email campaigns and more, read our blog.

This example of a Constant Contact dashboard within Optix shows how email marketing metrics break down in relation to overall data from a campaign. Some of the metrics portrayed in a clear visual format include emails sent vs. email opens, total email opens, total emails sent, open rate, and bounce rate – among other metrics.

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