Want to know what metrics to measure in your social media campaigns to boost overall performance? Learn how using Optix to aggregate metrics like community growth, post performance, and engagement can help you strategize smarter and meet your social media marketing goals and KPIs.

Writing social media posts that don’t reach your intended audience can feel like shouting into an empty auditorium. Analyzing your social media data and making targeted changes can help.

Depending on how familiar you are with optimization tactics, you may or may not have pinpointed the social media marketing metrics that matter to your company.

For example, should you be more interested in getting Facebook comments where you can respond to customer questions or retweets that grow your brand reach? The answer depends on your social media strategy.

Hiring a social media strategist or outsourcing your social media plan to an agency are the two best ways to make sure you’re not spinning your wheels when you write social posts.

However, one bit of wisdom you can implement today is this: You must understand your overall social media performance before you can tweak tactics on a granular level.

Community Growth

Your number of new followers is one of the most important social media marketing metrics to measure your program’s growth.

Community growth shows whether your social content is:

  • Interesting
  • Solutions-oriented
  • Persona-driven
  • Attractive to customers

It can be time-consuming to calculate your number of new followers for every one of your social platforms on a daily basis. Fortunately, a marketing data tool like Optix can help.

Optix aggregates all of your social media metrics, including new followers, and shows you an easy-to-digest dashboard view that updates on a daily basis.

You can use Optix to keep track of your community growth and put your social media strategy in perspective to understand where your successes and failures are.

Post Performance

Tracking how many posts you put out on a monthly, weekly, or even daily basis can be vital to meeting your marketing goals. If you’re wondering what metrics to track in social media, don’t overlook your volume of posts.

Optix aggregates your number of posts across all social media platforms so you can track how often you’re communicating with your prospective customers.

Use this data with other social media performance metrics, such as engagement, to understand how frequently you should post to maximize your results without overwhelming your audience.

Engagement – Likes, Comments, And Shares

When it comes to social media metrics that matter, engagements steal the show.

If your audience likes, comments on, and shares your content, it means you’re doing something right. On the other hand, a lack of engagement can signify that:

  • You need a better mix of promotion vs. interest-based content
  • You don’t have enough ideal customers in your follower base
  • You are posting too often or not posting enough

Optix helps you to understand whether all the hard work you put into your social media marketing is gaining attention with customers. It can aggregate likes, comments, and shares across all of your social media platforms, and it can also aggregate total engagements.

Understanding your overall engagement helps you determine what kind of content to write and how often to post to grow your community – and ultimately drive more customers to your website.

Optix aggregates social media metrics to help you to save time and drive efficiency by making sure everyone on your team is on the same page with the same data.

With intuitive dashboards that show overall community growth, post performance, and engagement, you can make adjustments that increase the ROI of your social media strategy. To learn more about Optix, visit www.optix.ai.