How To Create Storyboards Using Google Ads

It’s easy to create great paid search custom storyboards using Google Ads data! On top of that, you can even mix other PPC data sources into a single visual or storyboard.

Connect your account

It’s very easy to connect your Google Ads account to Optix. It requires only 2 quick steps:

  1. In your Data Manager, choose “+ Add Data Source” and click on “Google Ads.”
  2. You’re then redirected to Google Ads. Sign in as usual and allow Optix to access your Google Ads data (don’t worry – we only use it to generate your storyboards!).

As a sign of success, your account will now appear in your Data Manager main screen. You’re now ready to create your Google Ads storyboard!

Visual KPIs, metrics, and dimensions

Visual KPIs from the Visual Library

(Total) Average Ad Position)
Ad Clicks
Ad Clicks by Date (YM)
Ad Clicks, Ad Impressions, Click-through-rate (CTR) and Quality Score by Keyword Match Type
Ad Cost
Ad cost by date (YM)

Ad impressions
Ad impressions by date (ym)
All Conversion rate
Average Ad Position by Date (YM)
Click-through-rate (CTR)
Click-through-rate (CTR) by date (YM)


Conversion Rate by Date (YM)
Conversions by Date (YM)
Cost Per Click (CPC) by Date (YM)
Cost Per Conversions (All Conversions) by Date (YM)
Cost Per Thound Impressions (CPM) by Date (YM)


Ad Clicks
Ad Cost
Ad Impressions
All Conversion Rate
All Conversion Value
All Conversions (Estimate)
Click-Through-Rate (CTR)
Content Budget Lost Impression Share
Content Impression Share
Conversion Rate

Conversion Value
Cost Per Click (CPC)
Cost Per Conversion
Cost Per Conversion (All Conversions)
Cost Per Thousand Impressions (CPM)
Gmail Clicks
Phone Calls
Quality Score
Search Budget Lost Impression Share

Search Impression Share
Search Lost IS (rank)
Video Quartile 100 Rate
Video Quartile 25 Rate
Video Quartile 50 Rate
Video Quartile 75 Rate
Video View Rate
Video Views
View-through Conversions

(Group-by Fields / Filters)

Ad Group
Ad Group Status
Ad Network

Conversion Name

Keyword Match Type

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