How To Create Storyboards Using Google Analytics

It’s easy to create great digital marketing storyboards using Google Analytics data! On top of that, you can even mix other PPC data sources into a single visual or storyboard.

1.) Connect Your Account

It’s very easy to connect your Google Analytics account to Optix. It requires only 2 quick steps:

  1. In your Data Manager, choose “+ Add Data Source” and click on “Google Analytics.”
  2. You’re then redirected to Google Analytics. Sign in as usual and allow Optix to access your Google Analytics data (don’t worry – we only use it to generate your storyboards!).

As a sign of success, your account will now appear in your Data Manager main screen.

You’re now ready to create your Google Analytics storyboard!

2.) Visual KPIs, metrics, and dimensions

Visual KPIs from the Visual Library

% New Sessions
Adwords Ad Clicks by Date (YM)
Average page load Time
Average Page Load Time (Sec) by Date
Average Time on Site by Dte (YM)
Avg Order Value (AOV)
Bounce Rate
Bounce Rate by Date
Campaign performance
New Visit Rate

Number of Pageviews by Date
Pages Per Session
Pageviews per visit
Revenue Per User
Revenue Per Visit
Sessions From Mobile by Date
Sessions From Organic
Top Browsers by Sessions
Top Cities by Sessions
top goal completions
Top Keywords From Organic (Sessions)

Top Landing Pages by session
Top medium by sessions
Top referrers by sessions
Top resolutions by sessions
Total goal conversion rate
Total sessions by date
Transaction per user
Visits by country
Visits by source/medium
Visits with event
Web site visits
Website visits by source/medium


AdSense Ad Units Viewed
AdSense Ads Clicks
AdSense Ads Viewed
AdSense CTR
AdSense eCPM
AdSense Page Impressions
AdSense Revenue
Adwords Ad Clicks
Adwords Ad Cost
Adwords Ad Impressions
Average Event Value
Average Page Load Time
Average Time On Page
Average Time On Screen
Average Time On Site
Bounce Rate
Cart-To-Detail Rate
Click-Through-Rate (CTR)
Cost Per Click (CPC)
Cost Per Conversion
Cost Per Goal Conversion
Cost Per Thousand Impressions (CPM)
Entrance Rate
Event Value
Exit Rate
Goal 1 Abandon Rate
Goal 1 Completions
Goal 1 Conversion Rate
Goal 1 Cost Per Conversion
Goal 1 Starts
Goal 1 Value
Goal 2 Abandon Rate
Goal 2 Completions
Goal 2 Conversion Rate
Goal 2 Cost Per Conversion
Goal 2 Starts
Goal 2 Value
Goal 3 Abandon Rate
Goal 3 Completions
Goal 3 Conversion Rate
Goal 3 Cost Per Conversion
Goal 3 Starts
Goal 3 Value
Goal 4 Abandon Rate
Goal 4 Completions
Goal 4 Conversion Rate
Goal 4 Cost Per Conversion
Goal 4 Starts
Goal 4 Value
Goal 5 Abandon Rate
Goal 5 Completions
Goal 5 Conversion Rate
Goal 5 Cost Per Conversion
Goal 5 Starts
Goal 5 Value
Goal 6 Abandon Rate
Goal 6 Completions
Goal 6 Conversion Rate
Goal 6 Cost Per Conversion

Goal 6 Starts
Goal 6 Value
Goal 7 Abandon Rate
Goal 7 Completions
Goal 7 Conversion Rate
Goal 7 Cost Per Conversion
Goal 7 Starts
Goal 7 Value
Goal 8 Abandon Rate
Goal 8 Completions
Goal 8 Conversion Rate
Goal 8 Cost Per Conversion
Goal 8 Starts
Goal 8 Value
Goal 9 Abandon Rate
Goal 9 Completions
Goal 9 Conversion Rate
Goal 9 Cost Per Conversion
Goal 9 Starts
Goal 9 Value
Goal 10 Abandon Rate
Goal 10 Completions
Goal 10 Conversion Rate
Goal 10 Cost Per Conversion
Goal 10 Starts
Goal 10 Value
Goal 11 Abandon Rate
Goal 11 Completions
Goal 11 Conversion Rate
Goal 11 Cost Per Conversion
Goal 11 Starts
Goal 11 Value
Goal 12 Abandon Rate
Goal 12 Completions
Goal 12 Conversion Rate
Goal 12 Cost Per Conversion
Goal 12 Starts
Goal 12 Value
Goal 13 Abandon Rate
Goal 13 Completions
Goal 13 Conversion Rate
Goal 13 Cost Per Conversion
Goal 13 Starts
Goal 13 Value
Goal 14 Abandon Rate
Goal 14 Completions
Goal 14 Conversion Rate
Goal 14 Cost Per Conversion
Goal 14 Starts
Goal 14 Value
Goal 15 Abandon Rate
Goal 15 Completions
Goal 15 Conversion Rate
Goal 15 Cost Per Conversion
Goal 15 Starts
Goal 15 Value
Goal 16 Abandon Rate
Goal 16 Completions
Goal 16 Conversion Rate
Goal 16 Cost Per Conversion
Goal 16 Starts
Goal 16 Value
Goal 17 Abandon Rate
Goal 17 Completions

Goal 17 Conversion Rate
Goal 17 Cost Per Conversion
Goal 17 Starts
Goal 17 Value
Goal 18 Abandon Rate
Goal 18 Completions
Goal 18 Conversion Rate
Goal 18 Cost Per Conversion
Goal 18 Starts
Goal 18 Value
Goal 19 Abandon Rate
Goal 19 Completions
Goal 19 Conversion Rate
Goal 19 Cost Per Conversion
Goal 19 Starts
Goal 19 Value
Goal 20 Abandon Rate
Goal 20 Completions
Goal 20 Conversion Rate
Goal 20 Cost Per Conversion
Goal 20 Starts
Goal 20 Value
Internal Search Result Views
Internal Search Visits
Item Revenue
Items Per Purchase
New Visits Rate
Page Value
Page Views
Pageviews Per Visit
Product Adds To Cart
Product Detail Views
Product Removes From Cart
Quantity Added To Cart
Quantity Removed From Cart
Return on Ad Spend (ROAS in %)
Revenue Per Click (RPC)
Revenue Per Item
Revenue Per Transaction
Screen Views
Social Activities
Social Interactions
Social Interactions Per Visit
Time On Screen
Time On Site
Total Events
Total Goal Completions
Total Goal Conversion Rate
Total Value (Transaction + Goal)
Transaction Revenue Per Visit
Transaction Shipping
Transaction Tax
Transactions Per Visit
Unique Events
Unique Pageviews
Unique Purchases
Unique Screen Views
Unique Searches
Unique Visitors
Visits With Event

(Group-by Fields / Filters)

Ad Content
Ad Destination URL
Ad Distribution Network
Ad Group
Ad Matched Search Query
Ad Placement Domain
Ad Placement URL
App Id
App Installer Id
App Name
App Version
Browser Version
Channel Grouping
Day Of Week
Day Of Week Name
Days Since Last Visit
Days To Transactions
Device Type
Event Action
Event Category
Event Label
Exception Description
Exit Page Path

Exit Screen
Experiment Id
Experiment Variant
Full Referrer
Goal Completion Location
Goal Previous Step 1
Goal Previous Step 2
Goal Previous Step 3
Interest: Affinity Category
Interest: In-Market Category
Interest: Other Category
Internal Search Keyword
Landing Page Path
Landing Screen
Mobile Device Branding
Mobile Device Info
Mobile Device Model
Mobile Input Selector
Network Location
Operating System
Operating System Version
Page depth
Page Path
Page Path Level 1

Page Path Level 2
Page Path Level 3
Page Path Level 4
Page Title
Previous Page Path
Product Brand
Product Category
Product Category Hierarchy
Product Name
Product SKU
Product Variant
Referral Path
Screen Depth
Screen Name
Screen Resolution
Second Page Path
Social Activity
Network Action
Social Interaction Network
Social Interaction Network Action
Social Interaction Target
Social Media Interaction Action
Social Network
Transaction ID
Transaction Item Quantity
Visit Count
Visitor Type
Visits To Transactions


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