How To Create Storyboards Using a .csv file

It’s easy to create great ecommerce storyboards using your personal .csv file data! On top of that, you can even mix other PPC data sources into a single visual or storyboard.

Connect Your Account

It’s very easy to connect your .csv file to Optix. It requires 4 quick steps:

  1. In your Data Manager, choose “+ Add Data Source” and click on “Drop file here or click to browse”
  2. Navigate your file system until you find the .csv file you want to upload, then click “upload.”
  3. A window will appear that says “The file has been successfully uploaded!” Click the “next”, then click “Create Dataset”
  4. Let the following screen load. If everything is done correctly, click “Publish Dataset” and then “PUBLISH.”

As a sign of success, your account will now appear in your Data Manager main screen.

You’re now ready to create your very own custom storyboard!

Visual KPIs, Metrics, and Dimensions

Unlike any of the other available integrations, there are no set visual KPIs, metrics or dimensions that are pre-available for you csv integration. This is because using a csv file is very unique; you are able to customize your integration’s metrics and dimensions! To learn more about your csv features, click here!

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