How To Change The Date Range Of A Storyboard

The best way to do so is to clone your storyboard and to modify the timeframe during the process. You will end up with the exact same storyboard, but with a different period.

  1. In the Storyboard Manager, find the dashboard you want to modify. Click on the icon menu and select the option “Copy”
  2. Rename the storyboard to something that you will identify as the copy. Then click “copy”
  3. Go to edit the cloned storyboard. Next to where you chose your time period, you will see an icon of a calendar with a pen over it; click on it.
  4. A new window will appear titled “Configure Storyboard Date Range.” Here is where you can change the date range, regardless of storyboard type. The “Period Option” is dependent on which type of storyboard you are working with. In the provided visual above, you will notice that we are working with a Rolling Storyboard because of the provided ranges.
  5. Once complete with the changes, click the “Update” button in the bottom right corner.

Click “Save changes” to ensure the changes are saved! As a sign of success, your view mode should now show the modified data with the respectful date range you chose.

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