Which HubSpot Marketing Plans Have API Access?

HubSpot Marketing Professional and HubSpot Marketing Enterprise Accounts can connect with Optix. Currently, HubSpot Marketing Free and Starter Plans do not have API access.  Because of this, we are not able to access the endpoints needed to sync data from HubSpot Marketing Free and Starter Plans. Hubspot Marketing Plan API Access? Hubspot […]

How To Start A Your Free Trial

Starting a trial is easy! All you have to do is go to the Optix Register Page page and create an account. You are immediately set up with a free-trial plan will a majority of the paid-account toolset. For more information about our paid plans and services, click here! Already […]

How To Set Storyboard Permissions

Optix handles all of the permissions of your Storyboard for you! Optix allows you to share your storyboard with people in and out of your organization / its program (more information about sharing provided here). By default, all users that gain access to your shared storyboard are only able to […]

When Did My Data Last Sync?

The most crucial part of Data reporting is making sure that your data is up-to-date. Don’t worry; Optix has you covered! As long as you have an active subscription to Optix (learn more about services here), your data will almost always be in sync. There may be times where your […]

How To Submit A Feature Or Data Source Request

How to request a new Data Source integration Optix offers a variety of integrations for your reports, including Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, Instagram Business, SEMRush, and much more! To learn more about the offered integrations, click here! New Data Source integrations are added regularly, and we’d love to hear what […]

How To Contact Optix Support

Nobody’s perfect; but Optix strives to be the very best product it can be! If our Support page is not helping you out, you can contact a representative directly! At the Optix Support Page, there is a navigation bar at the top adjusted to the right. Click on “Contact Us.” […]

Why Is There Data Discrepancy Or Inconsistency

If you identify differences between the data you’re seeing in Optix vs the data you’re seeing in the Data Source’s UI (i.e., in your Google Analytics Account, HubSpot Account, etc.), follow the process outlined below to learn how to troubleshoot and submit a ticket for your case. How to troubleshoot […]