When Did My Data Last Sync?

The most crucial part of Data reporting is making sure that your data is up-to-date. Don’t worry; Optix has you covered!

As long as you have an active subscription to Optix (learn more about services here), your data will almost always be in sync. There may be times where your data is not syncing up right. If you ever run into this unfortunate issue, there are two methods we suggest to update your data. Starting from the Storyboard Manager:

  1. Go to Data Manager > Your personal integration. You will a section title “Manage Sources” with a list of your sources below. To the right of the header, there will also be text that says “Refresh Sources from,” refering to the listed sources below the header. Click this text to refresh your sources. As a sign of success, a notification in the bottom right corner will appear with a check-mark and say “[your personal source] have been refreshed.”
  2. If the first method does not work, simply remove the datasource and reconnect it. If you are unfamiliar with how to do this, click here for more information on how to connect your data source.

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