How Do I Apply Filters on Charts

Making sure that you can segment out the right amount of data is an essential part of marketing reporting. 

And Optix makes it easy to add filters to your charts so you can get those deeper insights.

You are going to start by selecting the chart you are adding the filter to, and going to the settings:

In the settings, you are going to select the filter at the top:

After entering this tab, you are going to select 
Add Filter” and select the grouping that you are filtering by. Once you have made a selection, click to open and select which specific filter you are choosing to apply:

Optix allows for 4 different types of filtering, found by clicking the gear between the eye and the “x”.

  • Multi-Selection (Default)
  • Dropdown
  • Button Bar
  • Search

Each option has its own set of rules that cover all the important areas to get exactly what you need from your data.


Now you can apply filters to all of your charts to get precise information out of your data.

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