How Can I Connect A Data Source I Do Not Have Direct Access To?

Sometimes you will not have access to all the information needed to connect an integration, but that will not stop you from getting your data.

If you are working in a team, you might not want to share all the login credentials with everyone. That is why we have the Optix Invite feature.

The invite feature allows for you to send an invite to another user so that they can put in the login credentials if you do not have direct access.

After going into the Data Manager tab, select “Add Data Source”.

This will take you to the page to select your desired integration.

Once your integration is selected, click “Invite”

Finally, input the email of the person with the required login credentials and Optix will send them a link to connect the integration to the platform.

There is no limit to how many invitations you can send out, so be sure to connect all the possible integrations.

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