How Do I Apply Filters on Charts

Making sure that you can segment out the right amount of data is an essential part of marketing reporting.  And Optix makes it easy to add filters to your charts so you can get those deeper insights. You are going to start by selecting the chart you are adding the […]

How Do I Remove A Data Source From Optix?

For one reason or another, some of your data sources my need to get deleted. Whether they are old, obsolete, or just unneeded, if a data source needs to be cleared out, you need to make sure you know how. Thankfully, it is an easy process. First you are going […]

How Do I Sort Data In My Charts?

Sometimes you want to rearrange the data in your charts so that it is being presented it a much more usable format. Sometimes when you make a chart, the data presents itself in an order that may not be conducive to what you are looking for.  Whether it is a […]

How Do I See Past Data On a Storyboard?

Being able to see how your different marketing efforts performed in the past is a crucial part of making improvements for the future. Making sure you can have a wholistic view of all your data is one of the most important parts of making progress. With Optix, we make sure […]

Optix Chart Library

Optix has a variety of charts meant to give the tools you need to visualize all of the necessary metrics for your business! Gauges Headlines Used to show the advancement of sales and marketing activities/metrics as compared to the goal or max value. Used to show a simple metric/measure or […]