How Do I Put Multiple Data Sources On A Single Chart

One of the best features in Optix is to be able to have similar sources present a common metric on a single chart.

If you are trying to see your Ad Cost or your Ad Impressions from both Google and Bing, or your Total engagement across all of your social media pages, then Optix has the feature for you.

To get Multiple Sources on a single chart you want to first select the desired chart you want to present the data in. Once the settings open up for you to select your metric, you want to click the toggle at the top that says “Choose Multiple Sources”

Once the toggle is on it will show you which different Data Source Categories you have access to. In this case, we are using Google and Microsoft Ads, so we are going to select “Ad Tracking” and select those two integrations.

Once you select eh integrations and click “Apply” the respective data sources will appear at the top as per usual. 

From there you can select what metric you are trying to see (In this case, Ad Cost) and it will populate with the total of the two.

Now you can combine the necessary data sources you need to get the most out of your data!

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