How To Schedule An Automatic Report Dispatch By Email

Sending a report by email or scheduling its automatic dispatch is really easy. Here is how to do it.

You can either start from the storyboard manager and click on the three dots that appear when highlighting over your selected storyboard OR you can start from the view mode of your selected storyboard. From either starting point, you are going to want to click the share icon represented by three-connected dots.

You will be brought to a window regarding how to share the storyboard; at the top, click on the “Send Snapshot” tab. There will be three different regarding sharing a snapshot; who will receive the snapshot, including a personal message, and choosing how often the snapshot is sent.

Who will receive your snapshot?

At the top of the window, there will be a section with three different check-boxes to chose from; yourself, your organization, and others. These three choices are the options you have to sending your snapshot to. When you check off yourself and your organization, you are set to proceed if these two are respective to your targeted audience. If there are others outside of the organization, you will need to check-off “others.” You will then be prompted to enter the recipient(s) phone number or email. All of your selected contacts will be listed beneath the check boxes. If you wish to remove a certain recipient, you can simply click on the red garbage can icon next to their name.

*Pro tip: if your storyboard’s sharable link is password protected, any recipient receiving snapshot sent outside of your organization will need access to the password.

Sending a Personalized Message

Below selecting your recipients, there is a choice-switch to include a personal message. By switching this choice on, a new box will appear and will ask for your personalized message you wish to be sent. That’s it!

How often will your snapshot be sent?

Below the personalized message switch is a switch asking whether you would like to have a snapshot be sent more than once. If you do not wish this, you are set and can press the green “Send Now” button. If you would like to periodically send a snapshot of this particular storyboard, switch this option on.

A frequency section will be revealed to you. The default setting is set to “Daily” at “10 AM.” Below is an eight-option check-list respective to the seven days of the week and an “everyday” option. You can modify to the time to any hour of the day and chose to send a snapshot to any custom order you wish – every week day, certain week days, once a week, you decide!

The other frequency section is “monthly.” The default setting for monthly snapshots is set to the “1” indicating the first day of the calendar month at “10 AM.” You can select which day of the month you would like to send the report out at which ever hour of that respective day you choose.

Once all of the settings have been adjusted, your snapshot is ready to be sent! Remember that if you did not apply a frequency to your snapshot, the option you will choose at the bottom is a green button that says “Send Now.” Optix will immediately process your request to send the snapshot out. If you did apply a frequency, then the green button will be modified with text that says “Save Scheduled Snapshot.” Optix will send the first snapshot out at the first period of time that fits your frequency settings.

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