Optix strengthens customer retention, which saves money; enables personalized marketing, which multiplies ROI; and empowers data-driven storytelling, which supercharges marketing campaigns. Read about why Optix is the ideal management dashboard tool for instant access to your marketing data.

Marketing is a huge industry, crowded with conflicting approaches and potential perspectives. If there’s one thing that all marketers can agree on, however, it’s that data is absolutely critical.

Without data, it’s impossible to accurately determine what customers want, how they perceive the current advertising, and what can be done to improve that response. Without data, marketing is just professional guesswork, random and ineffective.

That’s why you need instant access to all of your marketing data in one place. Optix, a digital marketing and reporting dashboard tool, is the single best way to achieve that.

Reason #1: Customer Retention

Firstly, instant access to marketing data is critical for customer retention. Very often, marketers focus on customer acquisition rather than customer retention. That’s a massive mistake.

According to Invespcro, “44% of companies have a greater focus on customer acquisition vs. 18% that focus on retention.”1 That’s astounding when you consider that it costs five times as much to obtain a new customer as opposed to maintaining a current one.1

Retaining customers necessitates understanding them, and the best way to do that is through comprehensive, readily accessible data.

Optix’s varied dashboards, from marketing KPIs to user journey tracking, feature multiple data sources for the broadest possible analytics. The program also provides assorted templates for easily gathering specific data sets without requiring a new user to build a dashboard from scratch.

Reason #2: Personalized Marketing

Secondly, instant access to marketing data enables personalized marketing.

Why is personalized marketing important? The statistics speak for themselves. According to Business 2 Community, “Businesses that employ data-driven personalization deliver 5-8x the ROI on marketing spend… Marketers that exceeded their revenue goals were using personalization techniques 83% of the time.”2 There’s an undeniable connection between increased personalization and increased sales, clearly demonstrating that personalized marketing is well worth the extra effort.

Take individualized emails as a narrower example of this principle in action. According to Lyfe Marketing, email personalization leads to an 82% increase in open rate, 75% higher click-through rate, 58% increase in customer satisfaction, and 56% increase in sales.3 If simply personalizing emails can supercharge your campaign, imagine what personalizing all of your marketing would do to your sales numbers.

Optix provides the simple, inclusive data access you need to construct a personalized marketing campaign. Whether you’re a Google SMB business or a larger corporation, Optix’s dashboards are the definitive way to view all of your marketing data in one convenient location.

Reason #3: Data-Driven Storytelling

The third and final reason why you need instant marketing data access is to empower data-driven storytelling.

As the previous statistics show, customers respond powerfully to personal messaging, which is only possible through broad data access. Types of relevant data include:

  • Website analytics
  • Social media analytics
  • Sales records
  • Customer demographics & behavior4

As Marketing Insiders Group says, “With carefully analyzed data to back their marketing strategies, marketers have a much better idea of what and when to send marketing messages. This timeliness and accuracy increases the chance of striking an emotional chord with the audience and encouraging positive engagement.”5

Normally, you’d be accessing your website analytics through Google, your social media stats from each individual platform, etcetera. Optix, on the other hand, combines all of your data into topical, organized dashboards that double as an excellent format for client reporting.

(Optionally, Optix can also function as a white label dashboard reporting tool, branding those reports with your company logo, colors, and more.)

With Optix’s dashboards, you can compress multiple platforms’ data into a visually pleasing, readable format that automatically updates in real time. It’s the ideal way to obtain instant access to your marketing data.

When using Optix, you’ll never have to guess what your customers are thinking—and you can reach them on an individual, personable level to gain their loyalty for life.

To learn more about why Optix is the best data aggregation tool on the market, visit optix.ai.

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