Email marketing is a key piece of user journey marketing. If you’re sending out email after email, and no one is opening them or clicking through your links, what do you do? See how Optix can help by showing you a clear view of your email marketing metrics, helping you improve performance.

Email Open Rates

Most email inboxes are full of messages your prospects will never open or read. You need a way to stand out. You should use powerful language in your subject lines. Include numbers that stop prospects from scrolling down.

For example, email headlines such as “5 Secret Tips To Turbocharge Your Email Marketing ROI” or “4 Consequential Pitfalls Of Boring Email Subject Lines” will make your prospects want to learn more. If you’re not using power words or numbers, make sure you entice prospects to open by teasing a value offer. Remember that a strong subject line is king.

Email Click-Through Rates

When you send an email, your goal is usually to get prospects to complete an action, such as to click through to a landing page, blog, or other area of your website. So, you need to convince prospects that responding to your call-to-action benefits them.

Avoid overselling in your email copy. Briefly tell prospects what they’ll get by clicking, show them what they’ll miss if they don’t, and give them a deadline so they don’t procrastinate.

If you want to learn more about how to increase your email opens and click-through rate, read 37 Tips For Writing Emails That Get Opened, Read, And Clicked by Copyblogger.

Test What Works Best

Not every email is going to get you optimal results. But if you test subject lines and the strength of your call-to-actions, you can get a sense as to what resonates with your prospects. Isolate and test one aspect of your campaign at a time, and move forward with the changes that work best.

To do so, you’re going to need a reporting tool that gives you detailed metrics on how your email campaigns are performing.

Ideally, this tool should show you how your campaigns fit within the user journey so you or other members of your team can stay in sync about how you’re marketing your company. Changes you make to your email campaigns will almost certainly impact the user journey on your website, for example.

Optix is an adjustable-focus reporting tool that allows you to zoom in on any aspect of your email marketing campaigns and zoom out to see the larger picture. To learn more, visit