User journey analytics laid out in a digital marketing dashboard tool like Optix are key to improving your website performance. Read our blog to learn how you can utilize your user journey analytics to see exactly where users are dropping off and improve your website conversions.


What Is The User Journey?

Before you can utilize the user journey and analytics that support it, you first need to have an understanding of what it is. The user journey is the path or funnel a user might use to get to their desired point, usually within a website.

That means that user journey analytics record the way that users make their way through your website and are used to create a better flow within your website.


How To Improve Your Website

Now that you have a solid understanding of what user journey analytics are, let’s talk about how they can help your website.

A key method to optimizing your website traffic is to tailor the content on your website to the viewer. That means creating separate landing pages for your different types of customers, otherwise known as personas. With each persona landing page, you want to target their pain points, but not differ too greatly from the copy on your main page otherwise you could misconstrue the main features or benefits of the product or service.

After you have these persona pages set up you can then track which are more successful through your analytics. See where people are entering your site the most and where they are dropping off or where they buy from the most to learn how best you can improve. With a digital marketing dashboard, you can get a clear view of the entire user journey from start to finish.

Using a digital marketing dashboard, instead of trying to sort out your analytics into something comprehensible from multiple sources, condenses your workload and makes your action steps that much clearer. Through Optix, our AI powered digital dashboard, you can see exactly where users are dropping off and work on creating a hook or call to action to keep them moving through the website and ultimately to the end goal of a sale.

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