With the advent of management dashboards, key performance indicators (KPIs) from different marketing platforms can all be tracked in one place. Of the available options, Optix is the best client reporting tool. Consider these advantages of using Optix for all your digital marketing dashboard needs.

In marketing and sales, data is power. That’s why every business, whether it’s a Google SMB company or a larger corporation, should take advantage of digital client reporting dashboards.

Visually Identify Success (Or Failure)

Generally, a marketer’s work proceeds according to these four steps:

  • Identify the client’s objective
  • Create a marketing plan to achieve that goal
  • Execute the plan
  • Report on metrics that measure apparent success1

With Optix, that fourth step achieves powerful visual impact by transforming rote data into engaging, colorful charts. Instead of expecting the client to parse a spreadsheet of assorted numbers, Optix provides a visually appealing alternative.

Optix even offers optional white label reporting features, allowing marketers to use their own branding within the tool. As a result, those clear, attractive data charts will also reflect your own company’s branding (logo, colors, etc.), strengthening your relationship with clients.

Track All ROI Stats

Whether or not you elect to purchase the optional white label reporting feature for your dashboards, all Optix plans combine multiple data sources in one place.

Once you’ve linked your accounts—from social media, Google Analytics, email management services, and otherwise—Optix updates all of your data in real-time. You’ll never have to painstakingly add each platform’s analytics to a homemade spreadsheet again.

Important ROI stats include revenue, cost per acquisition/lead, clicks, best-performing paid search ads, bounce rate, and more.2 Optix can track those statistics for every platform on one dashboard, even combining their analytics into single modules or charts if needed.

Aggregated data like this is a massive advantage in client reporting—and Optix is the best way to access that advantage.

“All asset managers… face the same issues of data from multiple sources needing to be brought together in an efficient manner and rendered into a variety of formats and delivery mechanisms, all at minimal cost and with minimum effort,” Citisoft explains. “Easy-to-use tools are also required to customize reports as new products are launched, regulations change, new clients are won, the company rebrands and so on.”3

Long List Of Advantages

If the aforementioned reasons aren’t enough, Report Garden’s infographic of client reporting tool benefits might change your mind. The graphic explains that using a client reporting tool:

  • Saves time and money
  • Increases productivity
  • Creates unique, accurate reports
  • Allows real-time ROI data access throughout an agency
  • Improves lead nurturing
  • Allows accurate analysis4

That isn’t even the complete list of benefits. Demonstrably, using a client reporting tool like Optix empowers your marketing team like nothing else can.

Successfully Upsell To Clients

Last but not least, Optix strengthens your ability to upsell.

“Reporting is the best time/place to upsell new services,” Search Engine Journal says, “especially if your campaigns are performing well. Strike when the iron is hot.”5

Thanks to Optix’s clear, visually interesting reporting on critical analytics, your clients gain a much stronger understanding not only of your successes, but also of how those successes were achieved across multiple synergizing platforms. This increases the odds of the client being open to new services, a new channel, a budget increase, or an allotted time increase.

Here’s an example of a successful pitch in response to positively reported stats: “We are currently maxing out our Google Ads budget at $15,000 per month. We are running efficiently under our initial goal of $40 per conversion. We recommend upping the budget to $20,000 (increase of $5k) per month.”5

Try Optix Today

Optix is the most powerful client reporting tool on the market. By visually identifying successes, tracking all ROI stats in one place, strengthening the overall marketing process, and increasing the likelihood of upselling to a client, Optix empowers your team to not only make powerful impact, but also to clearly, easily present that impact in a visual format.

To learn more about Optix’s advantages for your business, visit optix.ai.

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