Every sales team knows quality data shortens sales cycles. And most marketing managers track user journey data. But, did you know that they are at their most effective when used together? Read on to learn how your marketing and sales teams can work together to reduce the sales cycle.

Customer Interaction

Interacting with your leads is a vital step in the sales cycle. Having data to help you connect and overcome objections with your leads is paramount to closing deals and nurturing the relationship for future sales.

User journey marketing comes into play, in the way that you visualize this information. The analytics from your user journey marketing gives your sales team insight on how customers interact with your business at all touchpoints, effectively reducing their sales cycle. 

By having a tool that tracks this user journey information, you can more accurately touch on triggers when interacting with your leads. Through tracking how they interact with your digital marketing tactics, you will get better insight on how and when to contact your customers which will help to efficiently make sales.


Give Meaning to Your Insights

Your sales cycle is dependent on using data to present your product in the best light to your leads. Utilizing user journey analytics will help you to see the bigger picture in the sales cycle.   

For example, say a customer spent 20 minutes on your website browsing the different types of lamps you sell and while browsing they circled back to the same lamp five times while browsing your site, there is typically more to the story here. They may just be looking for a new lamp, but often there is more to the story and user journey analytics tracks all this information to help bring that story to a salesman who can use this information to make quicker connections with leads and close deals faster, effectively reducing their sales cycle.

Your user journey analytics provides a framework with which will lead you to more informed decision making throughout your sales cycle.

As a digital marketing dashboard, Optix utilizes user journey marketing and PPC and omnichannel reporting to allow marketing managers to view and focus in on their analytics. Using Optix in conjunction with your sales team creates a unified sales and marketing front that can optimize sales revenue for your company. To learn more, visit www.optix.ai.