Do you ever find yourself tracking your email marketing metrics but unable to identify what actions people take after clicking? Having your email marketing metrics aligned with data from other platforms makes performance tracking a whole lot easier. For more information, read this blog.

Using a tool like Optix will make your work easier by combining this data to show you the journey your viewers take.

This is why Optix partnered with Constant Contact to bring together your email data and web/social activity to show you exactly what actions were performed after people viewed your email.

With all of the features offered between these two programs, like being able to track every step of the user journey within your email campaigns and afterwards, you won’t miss out on another lead.          

The integration of Optix and Constant Contact will save you time in analyzing metrics and give you bandwidth for keeping users interested in your product.

Track your most important email KPIs from Constant Contact, including:

  • Open rate metrics
  • Click through metrics
  • Bounce rate metrics
  • Email templates
  • Email marketing automation
  • Data alignment throughout the user journey
  • And more

Having your email marketing metrics aligned with data from other platforms makes performance tracking a whole lot easier. For more information, read on.


Don’t Waste Valuable Time or Risk Mistakes by Manually Compiling Data

It can be time-consuming to retrieve data from Constant Contact and compare it with metrics from your other platforms. Especially if you are doing this weekly, or even daily.

On average, a marketer spends about a third of their time completing repetitive tasks. Sending emails takes them about 3.48 hours a week, and collecting, organizing, and analyzing marketing data from different sources take an average of 3.55 hours a week. [1]

Not to mention, data may get lost in translation between these different platforms. Between followers, friends, connections, fans, web visitors and all the other terms used generally for contacts on different platforms, data can get skewed.

This is why you need the integration of Constant Contact and Optix; so you have the data you need at your fingertips in order to make gaining and converting leads easier. It will allow you more time to connect personally with your prospects and reel them in to become customers.


Identify Where People Are Leaving the User Journey

So you have all your email marketing data, but what happens to costumers in the next step of the user journey?

With all of the metrics so easily accessible, you can now compare your email marketing data to your website information to find out exactly where each person left the user journey.

Understanding the source of your traffic allows you to identify where your users either convert or abandon. This gives you valuable insights to either execute what is working or modify what may not be.

Now, you know can make adjustments to where you lost customers in order to change that and gain new ones.


Thanks to the integration of Optix and Constant Contact, you can save time collecting data so you can focus on where people leave the user journey, whether through email or your website.

Optix is a revolutionary tool that gathers all of your email marketing reporting data in one place. It allows you to track the user journey, target KPIs, customize reports, and see ROI accurately. For more information, please visit

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