A key piece of marketing revenue growth is your reporting tool. But with thousands of digital marketing dashboards to select from, how do you choose? Learn how Optix makes data less overwhelming, why it is an insider’s tool, what makes it future proof, and how it helps to grow your business.

Some tools are nice to have. Others are essential.

You may have seen ads for Optix over the past few months. If you didn’t answer our ads before, you’ve missed out on substantial revenue growth.

Optix is a user journey dashboard that aggregates data from multiple sources. This revolutionary digital marketing dashboard tool brings together all of your data into a cohesive view, so you can optimize effectively to drive more qualified leads.

The good news is it’s not too late to adopt Optix. You can still stay ahead of your competitors’ marketing strategies if you act now.

Read on to discover four reasons why your leads and marketing revenue will benefit substantially from Optix.

1. Data Is Not Supposed To Be Overwhelming

Have you ever felt like your marketing team suffers from analysis paralysis? It’s probably because you have data from a bunch of different sources, and it’s not cohesive.

Optix aggregates your marketing data from the tools you already use, from Formstack to Facebook. Having clear insights into what your data means collectively helps you make harder-hitting decisions.

How many more qualified leads would your marketing team collect if you knew the answer to the following questions?

  • How many times should I post to social media every week?
  • Where are users dropping out of my web funnel?
  • What’s the ideal number of emails to send out per month?

Without a bird’s eye view of your marketing data, you can’t determine these answers accurately. Optix is here to help.

2. Optix Is The Insider’s Marketing Tool

It seems like everyone on the insider circle of digital marketing is buzzing about Optix. Optix launched in Q4 of 2018 and made a splash with a small number of agencies and businesses in Philadelphia.

Since then, traffic to our website has increased significantly. As Optix’s influence spreads, you’ll want to be well versed in how to use the tool so you can stay ahead of your competitors.

3. Clear Marketing Insights Are Future Proof

Optix is on the forefront of marketing innovation. It was designed by marketing experts in client reporting with the specific intention of helping you reach your revenue goals.

Created at Vantage Labs, Optix is continuously evolving to meet the needs of agencies and marketing departments. We received feedback that agencies wanted to show Optix reports to their clients, so the clear next step was to offer Optix as a white label reporting dashboard. In 10 years, Optix will be just as relevant as it is today.

Vantage Labs holds over 40 patents in Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Understanding. Over 25 years of groundbreaking software development has helped us to excel in next generation communications and collaboration technology.

4. Google SMB Dashboards Help Grow Small Businesses

With a Google SMB dashboard, you can track small business digital marketing efforts. You’ll get access to all of your business’s performance data, and having an easy dashboard view helps you glean better insights without the risk of inconsistent data.

A Google SMB dashboard is the perfect tool to help you spend less time crunching key performance indicators while helping to grow your business.

Optix is an essential tool that gathers all of your marketing reporting data in one place. It allows you to track the user journey, target KPIs, customize reports, and see ROI accurately. With a range of viewpoints into all of your metrics, you can adjust your focus in on any aspect of a campaign or zoom out to see the larger picture. To learn more about Optix, visit www.optix.ai.