We’ve compiled a list of marketing analytics tips and tools that offer the freedom to get work done more efficiently. Learn how Optix’s automated reporting tools, monitoring/alerting, automated analysis, and cost/analysis integrations will help marketing managers save time.


Automated Reporting Tools

Using an automated reporting tool, like a digital marketing dashboard, can help to reduce redundant reporting efforts. The time that you would have spent manually reporting and re-reporting can now be reallocated to more pressing tasks for a more efficient work week.

A tool like Optix can save you even more time because you can customize the data you want to see to get detailed reports on specific areas of your marketing efforts.



By automating reports on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or an annual basis with a digital marketing dashboard you don’t have to worry about missing out on how your campaigns are performing. Specifically, with Optix, you can have automated reports ready at your fingertips.


Automated Analysis

Use a tool that automates complex calculations across channels for ease of mind. Marketing Managers no longer need to worry about human error when it comes to calculating analytics when there’s an AI marketing tool to do it for you.


Cost/Analysis Integrations

Track ROI better by viewing cross channel performance. With Optix you can customize your dashboard to include key metrics regarding ad cost, CPC, CPM, and more.


As you review your workload and identify ways to save time, don’t forget to focus on your high-leverage activities. What truly are your team’s KPIs? Which of your initiatives has the greatest impact on the bottom line?

Honing in on the ways that you drive the greatest value for the organization helps you clear the clutter from your to-do list and make more time for what truly matters. You can do all that and more with Optix, a digital marketing dashboard customizable to your needs. Visit www.optix.ai to learn more.