Developed by Vantage Labs, Optix is a dashboard tool that collects multiple data sources for convenient client reporting. Why should a savvy marketer choose Optix over its clamoring competitors? Here are 4 features that define Optix as the ultimate digital marketing dashboard tool.

Social Aggregation

Many analytics tools can display different social media stats, such as Facebook and Twitter, side-by-side on the same dashboard. Only Optix, however, can combine this disparate data into a single number—total likes and followers, collective engagement across multiple platforms, and more.

Optix goes beyond using multiple data sources for dashboards by combining those sources into an inclusive bird’s eye view of your marketing efforts so far.

That means both Google SMB businesses and larger corporations can see all of their social media stats as a unified reporting dashboard, no matter how many social media platforms they use to engage with their target audience.

User Journey Tracking

Tracking the individual steps of your user journey is one thing; tracking the user’s overall path is quite another.

Inside Optix, you can utilize an analytics stat called “Goals.” Goals are fully customizable according to your business’ needs, whether you want users to visit your website for at least five minutes, to make a purchase, to click through a menu in its entirety, or all of the above.

Tracking custom goals enables you to follow your user journey from start to finish. When the journey works as intended, you’ll have access to resulting analytics with the click of a button—and if the user’s actions diverge from expectations, you can identify exactly where the change took place and alter your marketing accordingly.

Accessible Onboarding

Optix’s feature set is broad, but that doesn’t mean it’s overwhelming for a new user; to the contrary, Optix is designed to be as easily accessible to a novice marketer as it is to an analytics professional. The program does this in several ways.

First, Optix includes multiple templates for new users. If you want to track marketing KPIs for email, for instance, there’s a pre-constructed dashboard for that—all that’s needed is your logins to iContact and/or MailChimp. Similarly, if you want to analyze all of your social media but aren’t sure how to visually organize the data, there’s a dashboard for that, ready for your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

If you’re determined to create a dashboard from scratch, Optix allows you to start with a periodic storyboard (daily/weekly/monthly/annually), a rolling storyboard (tracking performance on an ongoing basis within a defined range, such as the last week,) a comparison storyboard (which compares two date ranges,) or a completely custom storyboard.

Thanks to this accessibility, Optix can immediately become your perfect management dashboard with minimal onboarding difficulties for the inexperienced user. If you ever need specific help, our customer support team is also eager to assist you.

White Label Reporting

This feature is somewhat different from the aforementioned ones because it’s an optional expansion to the standard Optix subscription. Nevertheless, white label reporting dashboards are immensely valuable—and many analytics aggregation tools don’t feature the possibility at all.

As a dashboard reporting tool, Optix enables you to easily translate your analytics boards into finished, polished reports for clients; as a white label reporting tool, it goes a step further by allowing you to submit analytics reports under your own branding, company name, and other distinguishing formatting features.

With Optix, you can submit cleanly designed, comprehensive reports with a higher speed, greater attention to detail, and stronger quality than ever before. Better yet, with the optional white label functionality, you can leverage those reports to strengthen your own company’s branding.

In summary, Optix offers superior social media analytics aggregation, step-by-step user journey tracking, accessible onboarding, and (optionally) white label reporting features. It’s not just different from other reporting tools—it’s in a league of its own.

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