The way search engines return search results for users has dramatically shifted in the past few years. In the early days of search, filling content with keywords was all it took. Now, it is more complex. Learn how Optix’s intuitive dashboards give you the data you need to boost your SEO traffic.

Stop Manually Compiling Reports

Optix automates your reporting so that you don’t have to spend hours of time compiling data every time a client or someone at your agency needs a report.

That time can be used in more value-rich areas such as optimizing campaigns. Let Optix handle the most tedious part of your job so you can focus on making the biggest impact.

Choose From Preconfigured Dashboards

Optix comes with dozens of preconfigured dashboards that don’t take IT skills to set up. All you need to do is sign into the marketing tools you already use, and we’ll fill in the data points for you.

You can use the dashboards either internally or share them with clients, as Optix dashboards are intuitive and easy to understand. However, they are powerful enough to identify successes and gaps in marketing campaigns across the entire user journey.

Start Now To Stay Ahead Of The Pack

In our previous blog, we discussed how marketing agencies that don’t stay a step ahead of the pack will fall behind. Agencies now compete with one another based on their tech stack, and Optix is the perfect tool to create more productive time during which your agency can get ahead.


Optix is a vital tool for marketers that are now relying heavily on omnichannel strategies. It allows you to track the user journey, target KPIs, customize reports, and see ROI accurately. To learn more, visit


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