How To Access Your Plan & Billing Information

You can access your plan and billing information at any time through your Optix account. You’re able to change your plan, billing information, and phone number at your convenience.

How to Access and Change your Billing information

  1. Start at the initial screen after login and navigate to the vertical tool bar on the left of the screen. Click on the first option, “Admin.” The window will change with more option in the main content section. A horizontal tool bar should appear. Choose “Plans & billing.”
  1. At this screen, you will see several different features: changing your billing information and changing your planNeed to change your plan? Click here!

How to Change your Contact Information

  1. Start at the initial screen after login and navigate to the upper right corner where the figure of a person is. Click on the drop down arrow and choose “User Profile”
  1. All of your displayable user information is stored here. You have the ability to change your First nameLast Name, Email Address, and Phone Number. You also have the ability to add/change your Avatar.
    • To perform the text-base changes, edit the text that exists in the text-boxes. 
    • To change your existing avatar, click “Change” next to your avatar image and select from your computer which image you want to use
  2. Once all changes are made, click “Save” at the bottom.

You’re done! A sign of success is a green window at the top of your window saying that the changes were successfully changed.

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