How To Subscribe To Optix

Thank you for choosing Optix! We’re happy you are joining our family. Here is how you subscribe!

If you have already set up your free trial, skip to step 3!

  1. Start at – the screen you see above – and enter the following credentials: Your name, Your email address, & your password. Double check to make sure everything is entered in correctly, then click the “Create Your Account” button.
  2. You will initially be prompted to follow our step-by-step process in setting up your first storyboard. If you want to skip this, scroll to the bottom and click “Explore more options.”
  1. To the left, you will see a vertical toolbar with four options – click on the first option, “Admin.” The window will change with more option in the main content section. A horizontal tool bar should appear. Choose “Plans & billing.”
  1. You are more than likely still set on the Optix 30-day free trial, but this still works for accounts who want to change their subscription as well! No matter what subscription your account is currently set on, click on “Change Plan.”
  1. The next window will display the available subscriptions, both monthly and yearly. Choose the plan that most interest you and in that respective option, click the “Select Plan” button.
  2. A new window will appear requesting your billing information. Enter your credentials and click “Subscribe.”

If everything was done correctly, you should now see a change in your current plan under Admin > Plans and Billing. Now you’re ready to take advantage of the new tools and items available to you!

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