How to Use “Social-Signup” with your personal Facebook and Google Account(s) in Optix

Getting Started

Before we begin, we assure you that none of your personal information will be used without your consent. To connect your account:

  1. Begin at the Optix Login Page (
  2. Below the traditional username & password login, you will see a section title “-Or-“ following Facebook and Google buttons. Select the account you would like to connect to Optix.
  3. A new window will appear asking for the login credentials for the chosen account – log in to your personal account.
  4. For Facebook, after you login or if you are already login, the next window will appear with a message as “continue as…” followed by the profile you logged into. Select this profile.
  5. You will be prompted to allow Optix to access your information to your personal account – Don’t worry, we will not do anything without your permission!

As a sign of success, you will be brought to the storyboard manager. Your personal Facebook and/or Google account is now linked to Optix!

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