How To Use The Storyboard Manager

Now that you have your Optix account, you must be wondering how the Storyboard Manager works! Let’s go over the functions.

First things first, you are probably staring at a screen similar to this (your page may be blank because you haven’t created any Storyboards yet – that’s okay!) It all may look intimidating, but this article will break it all down!

The above image is where you are redirected after logging into your account. As the name implies, the storyboard manager is where you manage your storyboards, whether you need to create, edit or delete storyboards, all of the management starts here. There are two sections titled “Storyboards”; the difference between the headings are their size and what they refer to.

Viewing and Filtering your Storyboard Manager

The first main heading “Storyboards” refers to the entire screen as your storyboard manager. Why we are pointing out this title is because for location reference; to the right of this header, there are two different tools: the Search Bar and the Viewing Mode. The search bar lets you enter any keyword that related to your specific storyboard(s) that you are looking for in the main section of your storyboard manager. The viewing mode give you the option to view your storyboards in either a list view or tile view, just chose the corresponding icon.

Right below this header is a viewing toolbar. Once you get the hang of Optix and become a pro with your dashboards, you will have a lot of content you have access to. This viewing toolbar helps filter your storyboard into different criteria you’re looking for:

  • Viewing – choose between viewing by folder, shared by others or all.
  • Type – choose between viewing by the type of storyboard: periodic, comparison, rolling, custom or all.
  • Datasets Used – choose to view your storyboards by one of the many integration types that Optix supports
  • Tags – choose to view by one of the custom tags that you assign to your storyboards.

Below this viewing toolbar is your own personal content. In this section, you have the ability to create a new storyboard, view/edit an already existing storyboard, or remove an existing storyboard.

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