How To Resize & Move My Visuals

What makes a storyboard unique is the uniqueness that goes into user creation! Optix makes sure that users have every option they need to have their own custom storyboard. A key function is adjusting your visuals.

How to adjust the position of your visuals

  1. Start at the storyboard you wish to adjust the position of your visuals
  2. Select the visual you would like to make changes to by clicking on it
  3. To reposition the visually, simply click & drag the visual around the grid marks of the storyboard. A dotted outline will shadow your dragging visual; the dotted outline represents where your visual will lock-on to if you release it.
  4. To resize a visual, selecting the visual will make several different ticks around the visual, one on each corner and one in the middle of each side (eight total). Click and drag the tick on the corner/side you want to adjust. When adjust to the right size, release the tick. Just as in step 3, a dotted outline will shadow your stretched-visual until you release it.

You’re done! As a sign of success, your visual should now be locked into its new position. If the visual were to have overlapped a previous visual, the visual would have been pushed down and retain it’s proportions. When resizing and repositioning, be prepared to make multiple changes!

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