How To Edit A Visual

You’ve created a visual, but now you would like to modify it? The visual edit menu is where the magic happens!

When you’re in Edit Mode of your storyboard, hover your mouse over the visual you want to edit and click on the “” icon, in the center of the widget. The visual edit menu will appear on the right-hand side of your screen.

Your visual editing options are sorted into four categories within the edit menu:

  1. Basic Settings
  2. Filtering
  3. Fine-tune Options
  4. Additional Settings

1.) Basic Settings

This section consists of the essential parameters of your visual, such as the data source, title, measures, group-by fields, date ranges and segments (if applicable).

The measure determines what data will be rendered.
The group-by is a characteristic of your data, such as location, the campaign name, traffic sources, or date.

2.) Filtering

For some integrations, you can also use one or more filters if you want to isolate even more data.

3.) Fine-tune Options

Certain charts have additional “effects” that can be applied, for example, highlighting, arithmetic benchmarking just to name a few.

The menu shown above is for the “List” visual type

Once you’ve added the desired effect in your visual, just click on “Apply” to apply them definitely in your visual. The visual will refresh itself if necessary. All changes that are applied can be undone by clicking “Undo” or the “trash can” icon.

4.) Additional Settings

These are all the options relating to the data represented in your visual. These options differ depending on the type of visual you are using such as record limit, sorting, or other suggested visuals using the same configuration. Not sure how to visualize your data? This menu helps you by giving you options to present your data more effectively.

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