How To Create A Periodic Report

When you create a new storyboard, you first need to choose between one of our four storyboard types (periodic, rolling, comparison and custom).

The Periodic storyboard is the most popular. Periodic storyboards are used to create reports for a calendar period, be it daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually. It also allows you to browse through past periods, and is easily printable for record keeping.

Above is a periodic report screenshot of a queuing system. This report reports on a set period by the curator different metrics represented by headlines, line graphs and donut charts. All of the key metrics for the organization is reported at the very top – a good practice to best represent important data trends. The bottom represents in detail other metrics recorded during the set period like average duration, total number of calls, and how the calls were answered.

Optix offers a variety of custom / preset visuals to populate your storyboards that branch off even further into the type of visual you so desire. Whether you are looking to report on your data with a list accompanied by a donut chart or a static title bar/logo, your storyboard is what you make it. To learn more about the available visuals and proper use-cases for each, click here!

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