How To Drag & Drop Visuals Onto My Storyboard

So you have your storyboard created and are staring at your fresh grid. The problem: you don’t know how to add your visuals. No problem, we have you covered!

Dragging and dropping a visual is easy. This process includes adding a visual to your storyboard, so if you haven’t read that article yet and dont know what the visual tools are, you can learn by clicking here!

How to Drag and Drop a Visual

  1. Open the visual toolbar you wish to start with (this works with all visual toolbars!)
  2. Find the visual you would like to use. Simply click-and-hold while dragging the visual from the toolbar onto your grid layout.

That’s it! As a sign of success, your newly-added visual should appear on your grid layout. To adjust the positioning of the visual, follow the same click-and-hold while dragging process. To change the visual’s width and length, hover over the edges of the visual until you see circular markers (you will know when your cursor changes into a double sided arrow). Follow the same click-and-hold while dragging method to resize your visual.

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