How To Create A Table Visual From A CSV File

Creating a table from a CSV File is very useful to show data in your own way! The use of CSV Files let’s you be very dynamic in your visuals and adds your own control.

Before we begin to create the table visual, make sure that you have your csv file uploaded into the integration library. If you need to reference how to do this, click here!

How to Create a Table Visual

  1. Start off in edit mode of the storyboard you want to add the Table visual.
  2. To the left in your visual toolbar, click on the second icon that looks like a pie chart. This will open all of the dynamic visuals available in Optix. Look for the “Raw Table” visual, then click-and-drag this visual onto your storyboard.
  3. Click on the visual, this will prompt a window to the right to open and ask for the integration you want to use – chose your CSV integration.
  4. A list of the fields that were created for this integration will appear; you will have the ability to initially add one field (don’t worry, you can add more!). Once you chose your field, click the “+Add Fields” button at the bottom.
  5. To add more fields, click on the red “+” next to the fields title in your visuals custom toolbar. Choose the next field you would like to add, then click “+Add Fields” again.
    **Note that you can repeat this process as many times as you would like to include all the fields that you want to add.

That’s it! As a sign of success, your table visual will be populated with the data and fields that you set up! Make sure you save your changes!

*image of a raw table from a csv file

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