What Are The Differences Of A Table Visual vs The Advanced Features of CSV Files?

Optix users interested in using CSV files can get confused by the two CSV features in the tool: the Table Visual and the Advanced Features of CSV Files. Here is a little break down of the two!

Table Visual is a very simple visual, created only to display a CSV file in a table-like format. To learn how to create a table visual, click here!

This is a screenshot of example data from an uploaded .csv file.

Advanced CSV Features serve as a complete solution where you can use a CSV file data to populate regular Optix Visuals. In the template creation process, you define the metrics and dimensions related to this custom data source (the CSV file). Optix will then be able to extract these metrics and dimensions, and display them in various visuals, exactly like other data sources. To learn about the advanced CSV features, click here!

Optix allows you to customize your uploaded file types.

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