How To Customize The Styling Of My Static Text Content

Anyone can add text to their Optix storyboard, but no one can copy your own creativity! Learn how to apply your own touch to your content by styling your text!

When you go to edit your “Text Content” Visual, you are brought to a window that resembles close to a miniature version of Microsoft Word. We will run through the available tools in your toolbar at the top of the content box.

Text formatting

You are able to do the following regarding formatting your text:

  • Bold your text
  • Italicize your text
  • Underline your text
  • Strikethrough your text

The available stylings/formattings  are available to you:

  • Block style – choose from a drop-down list of style formattings for your text
  • Paragraph format – choose from a drop-down list of different formats of your text, including heading sizes or normal paragraph text.
  • Text Color – give color to your text content from a choice of different colors
  • Text Background – highlight your text from a choice of different colors
  • Smileys and Special Characters – add additional content from a variety of different smileys and special characters
  • Spacing – add a line spacing to your text
  • Alignment – align your text to the left, middle, right or justify
  • Ordered Lists/Unordered Lists – create an ordered or unordered list

Additional features:

  • Images – upload images from your own computer onto your storyboard with in text content visuals
  • Tables – add a table to segment your text content visual
  • Horizontal Lines – add a horizontal line to add separator to your visual

Remember a style does not need to be applied to all of your text-content! To apply different styles and formatting, just highlight over the text you want to modify. Now that you have a full evaluation of the “Edit Content” window, you’re ready to get to work!

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