How To Show Multiple KPIs In A Single Trending Headline

This article will assume that you know how to add a trend headline visual. If you do not know how to add this, click here!

How to Combine multiple KPI’s in a single trend line

To begin, insert the Trend Headline visual from the visual library. Follow the prompt to set up the visual with a corresponding metric to a data integration. Once done, your visual will display your integration. To add a new KPI, make sure the visual is selected and the visual customization toolbar to the right is showing. You will see a button titled “+Add New Row”; click this button. You will now have a new section to add a new KPI from either the same integration or a different integration. Follow the same prompt as the first row – choosing the integration and the metric. At the bottom of your visual, your KPIs will be listed in a row format. Click on the respective KPI you want the visual to show. Repeat the process as many times as you would like to include more metrics!

Note: Making a date change to the visual will effect ALL of the KPIs. For instance, setting the date range from last week to last month will do so to all KPIs and the data will reflect the change respectively.

That’s it! As a sign of success, your trend headline should be populated with the metrics you added. Make sure you save your changes!

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