How To Use / Style Gauge Visuals

  1. Start by adding a gauge visual. Any gauge visual will have the same step-by-step process to doing this.
  2. Connect your integration to your visual and set your single metric (gauges do not take multiple metrics).
  3. Once set up, click on your gauge to bring up its settings window to the right. You may all be familiar with the four tabs in this window. Click on the third tab – the one that looks like a puzzle piece.
  4. The bottom setting is titled “Color Ranges.” This is where all the magic happens. In this section there are three options: you can change between a number value and percentage gauge, you can add up to 5 levels in your gauge, and customize each individual level’s value range and color!

Changing between a Number value and a percentage

This process is fairly simple. Looking at the first box under “range type,” you have two options in the drop-down menu: Value Range and Percent Range. Choose the range you would like your gauge to use and that’s it!

Changing the number of levels of your gauge

Beneath the first drop-down box is a second drop down box filled with numbers. You will notice that the preset number is 1. This means your gauge has 1 level. To change this, simply drop down the menu and choose any of the available numbers; Optix offers up to 5 levels at a time.

Customizing the Colors and Ranges of your Levels

Below the second drop-down box is the section where you can customize your levels. The number of customizable levels corresponds to the number of levels you choose. Each level is set with a colored box and a min/max setting. To change the color of the box, simply click on the colored box – a grid of different colors will appear. Chose the color you wish to use.
**Note: for the best visual representation, gauges usually start at a green or related color for the first section, blend the middle into a yellow, and use red as the last level’s color.

To change the range of each level, click in the customizable text boxes and set the range you would like to use for each level. You have the ability to make each level’s range unique; not all levels have to have the same range span!

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