How To Add A Datasource To An Existing Storyboard

Optix is very proud to have the ability to put multiple different data sources up against one another… but how do you do it?!

It’s very easy to do; so easy that once you know how, it will become second nature to you. All you have to do is go into your existing storyboard and add another visual. To learn how to add a visual, click here!

Once the visual is added, click on it. A toolbar will appear to the right of your screen with a list of your current integrations or the option to integrate more sources. Choose what suits your needs and then done! You will be able to set respectful metrics and dimensions to this visual. As a sign of success, you should immediately see your new datasource’s data.

When you add a visual after the first one, the integration that you chose for your first visual will appear at the top when creating a new visual. This way, you don’t have to fumble through your integrations for the same integration if you are looking for it! All integrations in use will appear at the top under “Recently Used” when setting up new visuals.

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