How To Add A Password To A Storyboard (Sharing)

Your storyboard is so neat that you want to share it with all of your team members to see! But you want to play it safe when it comes to sharing. That’s where the password comes in! Here’s how to set one:

1.) Start from the Story board manager screen and hover over the storyboard you wish to share. A few new buttons will appear. Click the “…” and then click the second option from the bottom called “Share”.

2.) A new window will appear. Make sure you are tabbed over to the “By Links” tab. Click the purple “Creative Live Link” button to create your shareable link.To add a password to it, check off “Password Protected.” at the bottom of the link.

3.) A new text box will appear. Enter in the password you wish to protect your storyboard with. **Note that you also have the option to collect a users name and email. Checking this box will not change your screen, but will require the user to enter in these credentials along with the password you set.

You’re done! Once you click out of the editable text box, a message in the bottom right corner of the screen will appear confirming the addition of password protecting your shareable link.

If you are looking to change or remove the password, follow these same steps as needed to return back to your shareable link settings. If you no longer wish to share this storyboard, you can press the red trashcan icon right next to the link. This will remove all access from people outside of your organization.

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