How To Copy Or Clone A Storyboard

You have the perfect storyboard made; It’s so perfect that you want to make a copy but you don’t know how! That’s okay… here’s how!

The Cloning Process

  1. Start from the Storyboard Manager page and hover over the story board you wish to duplicate. You will see a few more buttons appear; click on the “…” that appear in the top left corner.
  2. A drop down menu will appear; click on the “Copy” option. A new window will appear similar to the one above. Change the name of the copied storyboard to a name of your choosing and add a summary to it if you would like. Once all the credentials are completed, click “Copy.”

You’re done! As a sign of success, you should now be at your storyboard manager and able to see the newly cloned storyboard with the new title.

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