How To Edit A Storyboard

Start at your storyboard manager window and hover over the storyboard you want to edit. A few buttons will appear; click on the “Edit button” directly in the middle.

Available Styling Tools

Now that you’re viewing your story board in the storyboard editor, look to the top right of your window. You should see a tool bar in the blue. The first three tools are we going to be focusing on. From Left to right, we have the Storyboard Theme tool, Storyboard Color Pallet tool, and Storyboard Fonts Tool.

The Storyboard Theme tool is full of presets of color palettes and fonts that add a visual appeal to your storyboard. Optix has ten preset themes for you to chose from, but if none of them appeal to your interests, you can use your own combination of color palettes and fonts!

The Storyboard Color Pallet tool gives you access to a more selective set of color palettes to implement in your story board. There are currently 25 different color palettes to choose from. The Storyboard Fonts tool gives you access to 15 different font styles.

**Remember to save your style changes to the end! This way you ensure that all visuals receive the same style changes.

You’re done! Now that your changes are made, hit “Save Changes” and your visuals will now be saved to the style you’ve created!

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